Jake Ejercito and Ellie’s Cute Snaps In Singapore

Jake Ejercito and Ellie

Here are some cute photos of Jake Ejercito and Ellie during their Singapore vacation. JAKE EJERCITO AND ELLIE – Netizens react to these cute and sweet snaps of Jake Ejercito and Ellie as they enjoy their Singapore vacation. “A Family Affair” actor Jake Ejercito spends time with his daughter Ellie in Singapore. Ellie is his daughter … Read more

Jake Ejercito Shares Heartwarming Photos of Andi and Ellie

Jake Ejercito

Netizens were touched by this post of Jake Ejercito on social media. JAKE EJERCITO – Kapamilya actor Jake Ejercito posts these two photos online that touched a lot of hearts and here are some reactions to them. Celebrity couple Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann might have not had their happy ending with each other but … Read more

Jake Ejercito Shares His Daughter Ellie’s Reaction To His Acting

Jake Ejercito

Ellie accordingly has this reaction over the acting skills of Jake Ejercito in the series he is currently a part of. JAKE EJERCITO – ‘Marry Me Marry You’ actor Jake Ejercito reveals the opinion of Ellie, his daughter, about his acting skills. Playing the best friend role of Paulo Avelino‘s character in ‘Marry Me Marry You’ … Read more

Jake Ejercito Speaks About Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo

Jake Ejercito Andi Eigenmann

Here’s what Jake Ejercito said about working with Andi Eigenmann and meeting Philmar Alipayo. JAKE EJERCITO – Famous actor and model Jake Ejercito has this comment about possibly working with Andi Eigenmann and speaks about Philmar Alipayo. Ellie is actress Andi Eigenmann’s daughter with Jake Ejercito. Although they have a rough, the two were both … Read more

Jake Ejercito Receives Sweet Message From Daughter Ellie

Jake Ejercito

This is the sweet message that Jake Ejercito has received from Ellie. JAKE EJERCITO – Actor and model Jake Ejercito has this reaction when his daughter Ellie sent him this sweet message. Although things surely didn’t work out well between Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann, it left something beautiful and more precious and that is … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Jake Ejercito Before

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s what Andi Eigenmann revealed about the first stages of co-parenting with Jake Ejercito. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous actress and a “happy islander” Andi Eigenmann speaks about the set-up of co-parenting with Jake Ejercito. Toxic is what Andi Eigenmann has described herself before while she was in the show business. It wasn’t the industry that’s … Read more