Kris Aquino on Intense Bashing: ‘That was not President Duterte’

Kris Aquino addressed the bashing that she and her sons received

Actress-host Kris Aquino tells her “truth” in her recent Instagram videos as she fired back at the intense bashing that she and her sons received just recently.

To recall, the sons of Kris, Joshua and Bimby, received mean words on social media almost the same time. Rumors circulated that her eldest son impregnated an unnamed woman. Following that, hate comments against her youngest son rained online accusing the 13-year-old boy of being a gay.

kris aquino
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For a while, Kris once again took her social media break but apparently, she took that time ponder on things and gather her strength.

In her recent IG videos, she expressed that she needed to address the bashings, especially directed to her sons. She pointed out that there is an entity behind the character assassination and that she will no longer be silent about this.

For Kris Aquino, coming from a prominent political clan in the Philippines, the attack against her has political motives. She mentioned that President Rodrigo Duterte started his political career during the time when her mother, the late Cory Aquino, was the President.

The actress-host said that a peaceful transition of power was her mother’s legacy. Then, the photos of Pres. Duterte and former President Noynoy Aquino were flashed on the side.

“I have no party affiliation pero alam ko kung sino ang napatalsik at gustong-gusto kaming gantihan dahil kulang para sa kanila na pinapatay nila ang dad ko. That is not President Duterte,” Kris Aquino said.

She said that she knew this because she never attacked the current Chief Executive. “So para po sa mga DDS (die-hard Duterte supporters) wala po tayong reason na maging magka-away,” she added.

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