Claudine Barretto claims Jose Mari Chan wrote ‘Beautiful Girl’ for Gretchen

Claudine Barretto mentions Jose Mari Chan in her reply to a netizen

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto claimed that the iconic song ‘Beautiful Girl’ of music legend Jose Mari Chan was written for her older sister Gretchen Barretto.

The OPM icon first released the said song in 1989 and was hailed as the Best Produced Record of the Year by Awit Awards.

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Photo courtesy of @claubarretto IG

In a recent Instagram post of Claudine, she had a birthday tribute for Gretchen. Her post has this caption: “Happy birthday Ate, to the one and only Beautiful Girl.” The Optimum Star used the song of Jose Mari Chan as background music.

This received a comment from a netizen who said,”Pag Beautiful Girl talaga ang song si Gretchen Barretto talaga yung nasa isip eh. Happy birthday po.”

Then, Claudine Barretto replied saying that the OPM icon indeed wrote the song for her Ate Gretchen Barretto.

claudine barretto comment
screenshot of Claudine’s reply / via PEP

However, based on the article in PEP, Jose Mari Chan wrote in his book Words and Music, Jose Mari Chan Volume Two that was published in January 1, 2000, he shared the story behind the iconic song.

Jose Mari Chan

A portion of what the singer-songwriter wrote about the song was this:

[Beautiful Girl] is a ballad about seeing an attractive lady from a distance and never getting to meeting her. Losing a girl like a ‘song in the night.’

“…Spending 11 years in the US made me even more appreciative of American country and western songs and their influence on my songwriting is evident in this composition…”

In addition to this, based on the article, the singer said in an interview that Beautiful Girl is a fictional song. Jose Mari Chan explained that he put himself in a position of a young man who saw a pretty girl and promised to have a moment with her but the night ended and he did not realize that the girl was already gone.

What can you say about this?

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