Armed Men Stealing Toilet Paper Gets Three Year Jail Time

Armed Men Stealing Toilet Paper Jailed For Three Years In Hong Kong

ARMED MEN STEALING TOILET PAPER – During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, panic ensued as people struggle to get necessities such as toilet paper.

Around late February and early March, there was a massive shortage of alcohol, meats, and toilet paper. Afterward, there was a massive demand with scalpers jacking up prices to the moon.

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This led to three men planning a heist on a convenience store in Hong Kong. Afterward, the three waited for the delivery van to come close to the store and threatened the delivery driver with a knife.

Armed Men Stealing Toilet Paper Gets Three Year Jail Time

However, they were quickly identified and sentenced to 40 months in prison on Thursday. According to an article from ABS-CBN, they manage to take 600 roles of toilet paper.

But, as per the article, the robbers admitted to the crime and even apologized for the delivery driver. Unfortunately, the judge who oversaw the case said the crime was “pre-meditated”. As such, he thought the case deserved a custodial sentence.

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