Tala Hospital Preps Rollout Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Tala Hospital Preps Rollout Of Coronavirus Vaccine Program

TALA HOSPITAL PREPS FOR ROLLOUT – A year into the pandemic, the Philippines finally has vaccines against the new Coronavirus, COVID-19.

As such, hospitals across the country already began preparations for their vaccination rollout programs. Among these hospitals is Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital or better known as the Tala Hospital.

According to some health workers, they were excited to get vaccinated with the Chinese Vaccine “CoronaVac”. However, merely 180 of its 1,911 eligible staff expressed willingness to get vaccinated.

Tala Hospital Preps Rollout Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, Tala Hospital received 600 vials of Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine at around 12:53 a.m. With this amount, Tala Hospital could vaccinated 300 of its workers.

During an interview with ABS-CBN, Tala Spokesperson Dr. Alfonso Famaran said:

Ang mood ngayon, ‘yung iba medyo excited na makakuha na kaagad ng best available vaccine for protection against COVID-19. Excited na excited,

Meanwhile, he added that the hospital has a “quick substitution list” in the event that some health workers change their mind about the inoculation.

Just in case gusto nila magpabakuna mamaya, babaguhin lang ang instruction ng kanilang response, instead of not sure or ayaw gagawin naming volunteer or yes.”, he said.

As per the article, the hospital is set to begin its vaccination program around 10:30 a.m. on Monday. Additionally, around 92% of its hospital staff were willing to get vaccinated if the vaccine was from Pfizer.

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