Duterte To Take 1st COVID-19 Vaccine But In Private

Duterte To Take 1st COVID-19 Vaccine Jab, But Won’t Publicize Inoculation

DUTERTE TO TAKE 1ST VACCINE JAB – According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, President Rodrigo Duterte had no problem with taking a COVID-19 vaccine first.

Recently, Duterte said that he’d be the last person to receive a vaccine. However, he already initially said that he’d be the first person to be inoculated with the vaccine.

After a back-and-forth of statements, Vice President Leni Robredo said Duterte should set an example for the public. As such, Roque responded that Duterte was willing to take the vaccine first if it would ease public fears regarding the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Duterte To Take 1st COVID-19 Vaccine But In Private
Image from: CNN

Additionally, Roque said that Duterte had “no problem” with getting inoculated first. However, he mentioned that Duterte would rather take the same route the British monarchs took and get vaccinated in private.

Based on an article from Manila Bulletin, Roque said:

His answer was ‘No problem. I will take the vaccine as soon as it is available’ dahil siya nga daw po ay kailangan niyang magkaroon ng bakuna..

Pero sabi niya hindi na kinakailangan na ipakita sa publiko. He is taking the route of the British sovereign dahil naging decision nila Queen Elizabeth at kanyang asawa na pribado ‘yung pagtuturok sa kanila

Furthermore, Roque said the Malacañang would still announce when Duterte’s vaccination is completed. Currently, the Philippines plans on procuring 148 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from several suppliers. Meanwhile, it is expected that the first COVID-19 batches would arrive in the Philippines in the next month.

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