Moira dela Torre Heartfelt Explanation of ‘Paubaya’ Trends On Twitter

Moira dela Torre shared the deeper message of the song ‘Paubaya’

Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre has this heartfelt explanation of her latest song Paubaya and this became a trending topic on Twitter.

On February 27, the name of Moira is among the top trending topic on the micro-blogging social media site because of the behind-the-scenes vlog of the song’s music video.

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To recall, when the official music video of the song was released, it also became a trending topic on social media, including the main characters, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

They are known as the JoshLia love team who became a couple in real-life. However, they ended their two-year relationship with a statement that they chose to stay friends.

After watching the video, many netizens and JoshLia fans concluded that it was a sort of closure for their relationship that ended.

However, there were those who speculated that it was a hint that Julia will soon confirm her relationship with her rumored boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

Behind various comments that came out after the release of the music video, one common remark from the online community was that the song really hit the heart so hard.

Apparently, the same feeling reigned when Moira dela Torre explained the deeper thoughts one can ponder upon in the lyrics of her song.

Joshua Garcia Julia Barretto Paubaya Music Video

A video clip from the said BTS vlog caught the attention of many netizens. The singer-songwriter said that people perceived that if two people do not end up together, that is the definition of a failed relationship.

However, she said, “We often forget that people enter into dating to see whether or not this is the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.”

She added that the end of a relationship can be perceived as a privilege of knowing, loving, and learning from the other person.

“We can choose gratitude over bitterness, we can choose over pain, and we can choose freedom over guilt. We can choose love and forgiveness,” Moira dela Torre said.

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