Ilocos Norte Residents Found Snake Eating Live Chicken Atop of Tree

Snake Eating Live Chicken Atop of Tree Found by Ilocos Norte Residents

Ilocos Norte residents found a snake eating a live chicken at the top of three in a poultry farm in the town of Badoc.

The residents of Badoc, Ilocos Norte have been alarmed due to the noise created by a lot of hens in a poultry farm in Barangay Mabusag. The poultry owner get out to check his hens but got shocked after he saw a serpent.

The owner found a 2-meter snake consuming one of his chickens at the top of the tree in his poultry farm. The people tried to catch the reptile before it can victimize other animals but they failed to capture it alive

Ilocos Norte Residents

The residents did their best to capture the snake alive but the animal fought back so they have decided to kill it before it can hurt other people.

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The netizen expressed their reactions to the incident:

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