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VIRAL: Snake Slithering At DZR Airport Frightens Passengers

VIRAL: Snake Slithering At DZR Airport Frightens Passengers

Snake Slithering At DZR Airport Frightening Passengers Goes Viral

The video footage of a snake slithering across Tarmac at DZR airport, which frightened the passengers goes viral after it was posted online.

An airport is a place mostly used for commercial air transportation including the departure and arrival of the passengers.

Airline personnel and staff are maintaining the airport clean and safe for the passengers as a part of their responsibility.


Recently, a Facebook user named Leon Quintos Añover has uploaded the video footage of a snake slithering at the airport has frightened the passengers.

In the video, it can be seen that the snake was crawling across the airport causing the passengers ran away because of fear.


The airport authorities and several passengers captured the snake and placed it inside of a black garbage bag then immediately take it was from the passenger’s lounge.

The social media users have also expressed their reactions regarding the incident:

Kong Gianan: “hhaha yan dpat ilagay sa loob ng maleta pra pag bukas ng IBANG KAWATAN ng AIRPORT..KabOOOM!!!!”

Dyepri Pascual: “Possible that a passenger was trying to smuggle it to Manila. Not the first time that endangered or wild species were transported by passengers to be sold in Manila.”

Sara Jade Sensano: “grabe nmn kau ahas lng…wg kau mtakot jn…ms mtkot kau s mga politiko n mgalng mang ahas s kpwa nia plipino…”

Chester Reyes Dela Cruz: “Ung bessy mong paalis na naman para maanira ng relasyon sa ibang lugar. “

Miabela Cast: “Naku ingat po bka makakagat pa yan😕😕 bakit di agad hulihin.”

Mustiola Orbita: “Sa halip na tumawag ng maghuli inuna ang video”

Bumatay Palogan Nelva: “Ngayon wala na laglag bala now laglag ahas mga lp na ahas yannnn

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