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Chicken Thinks Kittens Are Her Chicks, Protects Them From Cold

CHICKEN THINKS KITTENS ARE HER CHICKS – A hen went viral on social media recently after it was found taking care of a litter of kittens.

Surely, animals by nature, are caring parents. Meanwhile, nobody would’ve expected chickens to be such caring creatures, even for another species.

At a glance, one might say that cats and chickens are a doomed pair. Naturally, cats would rather chase chickens around. However, this chicken took care of not one, not two, but rather, seven, kittens!

Chicken Thinks Kittens Are Her Chicks Goes Viral Online

The video was uploaded on social site Reddit. Here is the full video:

Barn cats, or quite literally, cats that grow-up around or near barns are semi-feral cats of mixed breeds. These cats are easily domesticated and could help rid the barns of pests such as mice and other rodents.

Usually, the mother cat would give birth in or around the agricultural property and go out to get food. Unfortunately, these kittens’ mother never returned.

Luckily, the hen was kind enough to keep the kittens protected, especially in the cold. According to some comments on the video, the kittens were probably fed by the barn owners then they’d let the chicken guard them.

Still, it’s amazing to see that motherly love transcend across all species, no matter what kind they are. What do you think of the video? Leave a comment below:

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