Nikki Gil Gives Tour Of Her Spacious Office In Their Home

Here’s a tour of the newly-designed home office of Nikki Gil in her house.

NIKKI GIL – Former host and actress Nikki Gil gave us a glimpse of what a part of her house looks in a video after it has been re-dsigned.

What has become a trend amid the pandemic which is really productive in all sense is redesigning, fixing, and renovating a room or the whole house. For many people, to see the beautiful result of their hard work is absolutely satisfying and with this trend going on, it has become someone’s inspiration to also do the same.

And just recently, with Neat Obsessions, they showed the newly-designed room of Nikki Gil which houses all her books and other stuff. It is a spacious room that has a reading nook, her art materials, and the things she holds dear from her childhood.

She also let go a lot of things that no longer serve their purpose which created a space for new ones. Her books were organized by colors and the mix of neutral colors in the walls and the furniture were all pleasing to the eyes.

Sharing what made her decide seek professional help for organizing her room, she said, “I was just telling my mom that it’s the first time I’ve felt the holiday burnout. I was really feeling very overwhelmed and tired because it’s just kalat from like wrapping gifts, stuff that my son received, the boxes and all of these things.”

Here are some comments from the video:

Soooo pleasing to the eyes and all the senses. Hehe. Love this! 😍😍😍

i soo love organizing and I’m getting a lot of ideas from you iza💖❤️💖

Been watching your vids since this pandemic started. I just love and enjoy all of those and it relaxes me after a long and tiring day from work.

Nikki is an interior design student. She is already 33 years old and got married to her husband BJ Albert way back 2015. She gave birth last 2017.


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