Romblon Bans Transporting Live Pigs Due To ASF Outbreak

Romblon Bans Transporting Live Pigs Outside Province

ROMBLON BANS TRANSPORTING LIVE PIGS – Authorities have banned transportation of live pigs outside of Romblon due to the threat of the African Swine Fever.

Previously, the Philippines was hit hard with AFS. As such, there were several reports of farms dumping infected pigs in rivers, polluting waterways, and causing potential harm to surrounding areas.

Since then, the effect of the spread has been mitigated, however, there is still a threat of a potential outbreak. In lieu of this, Gov. Jose Riano filed Executive Order No. 2 S. 2021, banning transportation of live hogs starting February 1.

Romblon Bans Transporting Live Pigs Due To ASF Outbreak
Image from: Philippine Star

According to an article from ABS-CBN, the province’s governor said that this would help regulate the prices of pork amidst its strong demand. Furthermore, he noted that the ban would last for six months.

Currently, Romblon sits as one of the provinces without a single case of African Swine Fever reported. Meanwhile, authorities would still allow breeder farms in Romblon accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry to transport breeder pigs across the nation. But, it has to be approved by the provincial veterinary office.

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