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What Is Bandwagon? Definition And Usage Of This Term

WHAT IS BANDWAGON – In this topic, we are going to know and learn the definition of this term and how is this term used in sentences.



The Oxford Dictionary defines the term as the following:

  • used in reference to an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing support.
  • (especially formerly) a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession.

Meanwhile, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this term as the following:

  • a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade
  • a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support
  • a current or fashionable trend


Here are some of the following synonyms:

  • line
  • party doctrine
  • party ideology
  • party philosophy
  • party policy
  • party principle
  • platform
  • policy
  • position


Here are some examples of the usage of this term:

  • However even Mr Murdoch seems to be keeping his options open by jumping on the latest Internet bandwagon.
  • Considering so many celebrities have hopped aboard the perfume bandwagon and added their names to everything from perfume to lipstick, it almost seems unbelievable that a trailblazer like Madonna would not have done it first.
  • You see, those that watched the show believed that Adam himself may be a little autistic, so his mom jumped on the bandwagon stating that she believes her son “…has a little Rain Man in him.”
  • Its transition from runway to real world has been quite simple, thanks in great part to the numerous designers who have hopped on the bandwagon, designing affordable wedge booties in plentiful colors and materials.

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