4 Inmates Caught on Camera Escaping From Galas Police Station in QC

4 Inmates Successfully Escaped From Galas Police Station in Quezon City Using ‘Lagare’

Four inmates have been caught on camera while escaping from their jail cell at Galas Police Station in Quezon City.

On Thursday (January 7, 2021), the CCTV footage inside of Galas Police Station has caught the four inmates escaping from their jail cell around 3 am in the morning. The suspects used a hack saw blade to cut the steel bars.

Four inmates successfully escaped from their jail cells before the jail guards arrived and stopped the fifth inmate from escaping. The cops tried to chase the fugitives but they failed to arrest them.


“May lumalabas na may ginamit na lagare. Nilagare nila ‘yung selda, ‘yung baba. ‘yung paglagare, maaaring kinonti-konti ‘yun, hindi isang lang ‘yun. Maaaring previous pa kinaunti-kaunti,” QCPD CIS Chief P/Maj. Elmer Monsalve said.

The suspects have been identified as Marvin, Glenn, Joel Sanchez, and Ronald Buenafe. The suspect have been imprisoned due to drug-related and robbery cases. The jail guard was at the comfort room while the cop on front desk is assisting a blotter case when the incident happened.

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The police authorities are still conducting a manhunt operation to arrest the fugitives. The inmates would face another charges of malicious mischief while the jailer is now under the custody of Camp Karingal.

The jailer would face charges of evation through negligence.

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