Pampanga Construction Worker Fatally Shot By Cop After Mistaken For Robber

Police Officer Shoots Dead Construction Worker Mistaken For Robber in Pampanga

PAMPANGA – A construction worker in Pampanga shot dead by a police officer after mistaken for a robber.

There has been a lot of case of mistaken identity that led to man’s death. On Saturday, January 2, a construction worker in Pampanga was fatally shot by a policeman.

Based on a report from Inquirer, the cop was pursuing a suspect in a robbery-holdup case. The construction worker named Federico “Tek” Pineda in Sta. Rita, Pampanga sustained a gunshot wound on his back.

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According to the report, the police chief of Sta. Rita, Capt. Renemer Cruz immediately placed Police Officer Eframe Ramirez under restrictive custody. He also surrendered his issued firearm.

On Sunday, Pampanga police director Col. Arnold Thomas Ibay said the investigation on the death of the 29-year-old construction worker is ongoing. Pampanga Governor Dennis Pineda was the one who ordered the disarming of the cop as well as the criminal and administrative proceedings against him.

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Michelle Pagauisan told Inquirer that the police officer mistook her brother for suspect who robbed a computer shop in Sunny Side Subdivision in Brgy. San Matias. The suspect also stabbed the owner.

She said her brother was celebrating the seventh birthday of his daughter on Saturday night and later decided to take his drunk uncle home. Based on the security camera footage, the robber reportedly wore a white shirt similar to that of Pineda’s.

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Based on the report, the suspect and the construction worker entered the same door of a cockpit arena where Federico Pineda passed access to his drunk uncle’s house.

That was when the authorities were shown trying to stop Federico because he was not wearing a face mask. He just wore a t-shirt over his face. Michelle Pagauisan said the cop chased him from the cockpit arena to a health center.

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