Feng Shui Tips 2021 to Attract Luck, Good Vibes & Prosperity

Here are some Feng Shui Tips for the Year 2021

FENG SHUI TIPS 2021 – Here are some powerful Feng Shui tips to attract luck, wealth, good vibes, good health, and prosperity for 2021.

Feng Shui or known as Chinese geomancy is a traditional practice that came from China. Ancient Chinese people believe that using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment would give them a good life.

Nowadays, a lot of Filipino people believe in Feng Shui, which could allegedly help them to attract luck, wealth, and other good omen. Filipinos have been already observing this tradition over the past few decades.

Feng Shui Tips

2020 has been a bad and strange year, which brings pain, poverty, and sickness to a lot of people. The coronavirus disease, global crisis, natural calamities, and other unfortunate incidents make it worse.

Here are some useful tips to attract fortune and prosperity for 2021 or known as the year of the Metal Ox:

Slow Down Energy Flow

  • Place a patterned rug on the floor, round entry table, and artwork on the walls.

Clear the Front Door’s Path from Any Obstacles

  • Install a mirror at the entrance of your home, which would allegedly expand the opportunities in life.
Feng Shui Tips

Balance the 5 Elements

  • Balance the elements of earth, wood, fire, water, and metal in your home. Striking a good balance of these element could give your balance in your emotional life.

Maximize Natural Light

  • Make sure to hang a mirror where it can reflect more light to make us feel happier and more positive in life.

Use Citrine Crystals

  • Citrine crystal is believed to attract wealth and prosperity because it doesn’t hold negative energies.
Feng Shui Tips

Incorporate Flowing Water

  • Flowing water such as fountain symbolizes abundance in financial aspects.

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