Jonel Nuezca: Cop in Tarlac Incident Appeals For Help for Family

Police Staff Sergeant Jonel Nuezca Seeks Help to PNP For Family

JONEL NUEZCA – The police involved in the incident in Tarlac is appealing to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to help his family.

The recent incident in Tarlac that went viral on social media sparked outrage. A lot of people are greatly disappointed and angered by the act of police staff Jonel Nuezca to the Gregorio family.

Nuezca and the Gregorios are neighbors in Paniqui, Tarlac. According to the authorities, the cop went to the Gregorios to investigate about “boga”. However, the scene was heated up between him and the 25-year-old Frank Gregorio whom he wanted to be arrested.

Sonya intervened. The daughter of Nuezca, a minor, was also there and as well as several minors from the Gregorio family. Unexpectedly, amid the heated scenario, the cop took the lives of Sonya and Frank through his firearm.

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Jonel Nuezca, Sonya and Frank Gregorio

The said incident sparked calls for justice for the family Gregorio. Sonya and Frank’s wake are currently held in their house now. The minors who witnessed the incident including the son of Nuezca are under counseling.

Jonel Nuezca surrendered to the authorities. While there are also those who defended him, he and as well as his daughter earned criticisms from many people. He appealed to the authorities to help his family.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, speaking to Police Brigadier General Val de Leon, Nuezca admitted that he regrets what he did. The Police General scolded him for what he has done and for tainting the image of the PNP.

“We can help your family. But everyone is angry at you, that’s what you should be regretful about. You have no allies because of what you did,” De Leon told Nuezca based on the report.

The National Police Commission is confident that the cop involved in the Tarlac incident will pay for what he did.

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