Killer Cop Says He Regrets Shooting Gregorio Mother & Son

Killer Cop Says He Regrets Shooting Sonya & Frank Gregorio

JONEL NUEZCA REGRETS SHOOTING – Recently, the Philippines was shaken after a killer cop shot a mother and her son at point black in broad daylight.

The gruesome event was even recorded with Police Staff Sergeant Jonel Nuezca, having full knowledge that he’s being filmed. Furthermore, the daughter of the cop was right beside him as he shot dead Sonya and Frank Gregorio.

Currently, Nuezca has been charged with double murder and is detained in the Paniqui police detention cell. However, following the incident, the killer cop expressed remorse for the insidious shooting of two unarmed civilians.

Killer Cop Says He Regrets Shooting Gregorio Mother & Son

According to an article from GMA, Nuezca answered in the positive when asked if he regretted his actions. “Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Ang laking pagsisisi,“, said Nuezca as he was interviewed lying on his detention cell’s floor. Moreover, the convicted policeman said that he had apologized to the victim’s family but had nothing more to say.

Based on previous reports, the altercation between Nuezca and the Gregorio’s began when the cop confronted Frank for using a “boga”. But, the altercation quickly escalated and led to the deaths of the Gregorio mother and son.

Meanwhile, after Nuezca’s apology, the Gregorio family said that his words will not bring back their loved ones. As per the article, Florentino, Sonya’s husband said:

Hindi matatanggap ng sorry ‘yong ginawa niya. Kung may tama siyang pag-iisip, ‘di naman mangyayari ito eh lalong lalo na kasama niya ‘yong anak niya na parang pinakita niya kung paano ang pagkitil sa buhay ng isang tao. Ganoon ba yung tama?

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