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Responsible Dog Owner Earned Praise from Netizens for Handling Pet’s Pooping

A responsible dog owner earned praise from the online community after spotted being initiative on handling his dog’s poop.

It is not easy to take care of dogs or any pets. If we think that feeding them properly is enough, we have more responsibility. They should be given proper caring.

They should also be vaccinated on schedule with anti-rabies and other vitamins to keep them healthy. These are the main responsibilities we can immediately think of.

Dog Owner Responsible
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But a one of kind job on handling your pets has amazed netizens online. A netizen named JL Riley shared a photo where the male owner caught the dog feces with plastic.

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This is a scene that can be ridiculous to others but the truth is, taking care of animal manure is also one of the pet owners’ responsibilities. Especially when we take our pets out to other yards or to public places such as parks, we should not let their dirt stay there.

Because in that case, it can harm others when stepped on and it can also cause illness to other dogs or people when your pet is infected. Aside from that, it can also cause embarrassment when a person steps on it.

Netizens were amazed at what the male owner did to his pet’s feces. Many admired and praise him because his stomach was also very strong while doing this.

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