Sandra Lemonon Finally Reveals True Feelings About Rabiya Mateo

Sandra Lemonon Clarifies Relationship W/ Rabiya Mateo

SANDRA LEMONON – For the first time, Sandra Lemonon revealed her true feelings about Rabiya Mateo.

The 23-year-old Ilongga beauty Rabiya Mateo was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2020 on October 25. However, her victory came with several issues from pageant fans and fellow candidates.

Miss Taguig Sandra Lemonon posted a series of “cryptic” messages on her IG stories after the pageant. Lots of netizens pointed out that her posts must be related to the pageant.

Photo Source: @sandralemonon IG

Two months after the MUP coronation, Sandra Lemonon is still up brewing “tea” that she vowed she will spell soon. In her IG stories last December 17, she asked her followers to ask her anything online.

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One of Sandra Lemonon’s IG followers was quick to take the opportunity and asked if she loves Rabiya Mateo. She clarified her relationship with Mateo.

She wrote, “I cannot love someone who I barely know, or witnessed their heart first hand. I have no malicious thoughts about her, as we didn’t have the opportunity to forge a relationship.”

“But from the little I know of her, what I can say is from the first time I saw her I loved her natural features & thought she was extremely gorgeous, I’ve witnessed how determine she is & I believe with the Right people who have her Best intentions at heart, she will be able to grow into the woman who can help others who have been in her shoes.”

She added, “I wish her nothing but success in her journey in discovering herself & being the fist ever muph in a pandemic, as I know how difficult her new life must be & I hope she always remembers that she doesn’t need to fit into the mold that society expects her to but instead create her own.”

Photo Source: Fashion Pulis

Sandra Lemonon’s response elicited mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments from Fashion Pulis:

“At nilagay pa talaga na “I loved her natural features” LOL”

“Well tama nman n you can not love a stranger or be friendly with the person you barely know. But please Miss Lemonon, MOVE ON N PO tyong lahat, okay? Hopia n eh. Nadehydrated n ang tsaa nyo po. Thank you. Bye”

“Wow! all is well that ends well. I agree with Lemonon..who doesnt love Rabiya? She’s our queen with a Big Heart…LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!”

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