Romantic Guy Puts Engagement Ring to Girlfriend’s Finger While Sleeping

Romantic Guy Makes Weird Marriage Proposal to His Girlfriend While Sleeping

A romantic guy made a weird marriage proposal after putting the engagement ring to his girlfriend’s finger while sleeping.

A Facebook user named Michael Mayorga has shared the photo of his sleeping girlfriend with the engagement ring on her finger. The post garnered various reactions from the social media users.

Mayorga is already planning to propose to his beloved girlfriend for weeks but he finds it difficult to surprise his special someone. He decided to make three surprises to his girlfriend while sleeping.

Romantic Guy

Michael placed the engagement ring to his girlfriend Jamilah Williams, send a lot of congratulations messages, and uploaded the picture of her while sleeping. He made the surprise around 5:00 am in the morning.

The post has garnered 325k reactions, 230k shares, and around 3.5k comments as of this writing.

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Here is the full post:

It’s 5:00AM for weeks now I been planning on how to pop the question…. you know all my moves and you are one very hard woman to surprise but the jokes on you because now you’re going to wake up with 3 surprises… a phone full of


notifications and text, an engagement ring on your finger and a picture of you sleeping that you don’t want all over the internet SURPRISE!!! I’ll let y’all know the verdict when she wakes up”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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