BI Employees in Uniform Prohibited From Posting TikTok Videos

BI Employees Prohibited From Posting TikTok Videos While Wearing Uniform

The Bureau of Immigration BI employees in uniform are prohibited from posting videos on the social media platform TikTok.

On Monday (December 7, 2020), BI Commissioner Jaime Morente announced that immigration employees are now banned from posting videos on TikTok while wearing their uniform.  The bureau would strictly implement the new policy.

Morente explained that the employees’ uniform represents the institution of the Philippines’ immigration service. The new regulations aim to maintain the professional image of the agency at all times.

BI Employees

“Our policy on the wearing of the BI uniform is clear. As public servants and supposed model Filipinos, employees must proudly wear their uniform at all times, present a professional image to the public and observe proper decorum and good taste in all their actions while they are on duty, Morente said.

The BI executive explained that positive videos on social media undermines the reputation of the agency. Immigration employees are also advised to avoid using gadgets and mobile devices during work.

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BI Employees

Morente made the announcement after some airport immigration officers have posted their videos on TikTok and circulate online.

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