Minors Not Allowed To Go Out Says Manila Mayors

Manila Mayors Decided Minors Not Allowed To Go Outside

MINORS NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE – During their meeting, Manila Mayors unanimously voted not to allow minors to go out amid the general community quarantine.

Previously, there were talks of allowing minors inside malls as Metro Manila continues to be under a GCQ. However, following a meeting with medical experts, mayors from Metro Manila unanimously voted not to allow children outside.

According to an article from GMA, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) general manager Jojo Garcia said: “Unanimous po, 17-0, the mayors will not allow minors to go out“.

Minors Not Allowed To Go Out Says Manila Mayors
Image from: CNN

Meanwhile, Garcia stated that minors aged 17-years-old and below could go out for “essential purposes”. Additionally, going out for physical exercise is also alowed.

Currently, the Philippines has seen a steady decline in the number of coronavirus cases. As such, several quarantine restrictions in previously high-risk areas were lowered.

Still, the Department of Health (DOH) emphasized that children aged 14 years old and below along with the elderly aged 66 and above must remain in their homes due to the potential threat of the virus.

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