New RC Cola Philippines Ad Leaves Netizens Saying “Wait…What?”

The New RC Cola Philippines Ad Leaves Netizens Confused

NEW RC COLA AD – The latest advertisement for RC Cola Philippines gives a new twist to the generic family oriented ads of the past.

As 2020 come to an end, RC Cola got their creative engines to go on overload with their latest advertisement. It starts off generally simple with a student coming home from school. However, there was tension and drama in the air as the student asked his mother “ampon po ba ako”.

New RC Cola Philippines Ad Leaves Netizens Saying "Wait...What?"

The conversation between the student and his mother about whether or not he was adopted filled the air with tensions and drama. Then, this was when our brains got caught off-guard with the sudden twist of events.

As quickly as the tension was built up, the climax of the scene left everybody asking “wait.. what?”. Apparently, the student had four glasses embedded on his back. However, this isn’t even the weirdest part of the video.

It turns out that the mother was actually an RC Cola disguised as a human being. Afterward, the ad ends with the entire family drinking from the glass on the back of the student.

Clearly, this was one of the most unique advertisements to ever be created in the Philippines. According to RC Cola themselves, the explanation to the video was quite simple:

Di naman kailangan ng maraming rason para bumili ka! Basta ‘pag nauhaw ang pamilya, RC Cola! #BastaRCCola

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