Lady Netizen Expresses Dismay Over Illustration of Farmers in DepEd Module

Lady Netizen Slams Controversial Illustration of Farmers in DepEd Module

A lady netizen has expressed its dismay and disappointment over the illustration of farmers in DepEd module.

The netizen named Jenice Ramiro has expressed disappointment towards the controversial illustration of farmers on DepEd’s learning module. The photos garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that that the farmer together with his family are wearing tattered clothes and some of his children are even undressed. The module seems to be illustrating the farmers at a very low status.

Lady Netizen

Jenice found nothing wrong with the text but the image seems to be degrading the farmers who were working hard to produce crops and plants to feed the Filipino people. She also said that being a farmer is a decent job.

Ramiro reportedly found the photo at the English learning module of her grade 3 child. The woman criticized the module for the disgusting personification of a Filipino farmer and its family.

Lady Netizen Lady Netizen Lady Netizen

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The post has been shared by a Facebook user named Ma Teresita Santillan. Here is the full post:


Calling the attention of DepEd Philippines, DepEd Tayo, Department of Agriculture – Philippines, Sec. William Dar, ABS-CBN ABS-CBN News GMA News Rappler CNN Philippines UP Horticultural Society University of the Philippines Los Baños bakit naman po ganito ang paglalarawan sa ating mga magigiting na magsasaka. Hindi po pulubi ang ating magsasaka, kung wala sila wala tayong pagkain. Mararangal ang ating magsasaka. Ganito po ba natin ituturo at isasalarawan ang isang magsasaka sa ating mga kabataan? Nakakadurog po kayo ng puso.

Napansin ko lang to habang nagbabasa Ng module ng anak ko sa English grade 3. Bakit kaya ganito ang larawan ng pamilya ng farmer? Gulagulanit ang mga damit ,madungis at may hubad pa na bata. Napakababa naman po ng pagkakalarawan nila sa magsasaka. Pano naman po natin maeengganya ang mga bagong henerasyon na magsaka kung ganyan? Nakakasakit ng loob – Jenice Ramiro

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