People Took To The Streets In Philadelphia To Celebrate Trump’s Loss

TRUMP VS BIDEN – Hundreds of people took to the streets in Philadelphia to celebrate current President Donald Trump’s loss in the state of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking the lead in the Presidential race. Biden is now 6 electoral votes away from being elected President following key victories in the state of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

As it stands, Biden has 264 votes with Trump having 214. Because of this lead, Trump and his camp are taking legal steps to prevent vote-counting in some states. Furthermore, the current President also stated that “all votes after election day were illegal “.

People Celebrate Trump's Loss In Philadelphia – US Presidential Election

Meanwhile, after Trump lost in Pennsylvania, supporters of Biden took to the streets and celebrated with dancing. Additionally, these people added insult to injury as they blasted “YMCA”, the song Trump uses at the end of his own rallies.

Here is the video posted by Reddit user u/jcepiano:

Here is another video of Biden supporters taking to the streets marching and chanting “Move Trump Get Out The Way”. What’s more impressive is that there was a live band leading the march.

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