Relationship Between Tourism And Hospitality – Examples

What Is The Relationship Between Tourism And Hospitality? (Answer)

TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY – Throughout history, the Tourism and Hospitality industry have worked together hand in hand, but what exactly is the relationship between them?

For starters, the hospitality industry offers services such as accommodation, transportation, food, beverages, and other related leisure services. Meanwhile, tourism is the activity by the tourists where they travel to certain destinations wherein they want to experience recreational and leisure activities.

Relationship Between Tourism And Hospitality – Examples

Furthermore, the majority of these tourists would likely want to experience and avail of the accommodation services offered by the hospitality industry. In short, the hospitality industry is the supplier of the services for tourism.

Without the tourism industry there would be no hospitality industry (mostly) and without the hospitality industry the tourism industry would have a large gap. To summarize, both industries need one another to function.

These organizations help strengthen the tourism and hospitality industries in the local areas and provide additional tourism events for the local hotels and tourism business so they have business in low tourism seasons.

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