Kris Aquino “Drunk Buying”, Netizens Shock How Huge Her Purchases Are

Here’s what happens when Kris Aquino does “drunk buying”.

KRIS AQUINO – Famous host and former actress Kris Aquino reveals she would just get shocked what happens after her “drunk buying”.

Seemingly having an endless wealth, former actress and host Kris Aquino is known by everyone who is still able to live in luxury despite not having any earnings from work for years. To recall, it’s been so long that we have seen her on television and it seems like with the way she and her two sons lived, nothing has really changed.

Behind that, people also know that she surely got a lot of investments and businesses out there to maintain her lifestyle. But amid the pandemic, as per previous article, she accordingly was not able to buy any designer bags, shoes, or dresses. As for her, it feels not right to splurge on something that’s not important and would be of no use if many people out there are struggling.

Her purchases then were all important for them for their safety and well-being. And now, opening up about her “drunk buying”, she said that this incident often happens when she gets high dosage of her medicines. She would just get shocked when things get delivered on her place and people always asked her if those were all for her.

In her post, she showed table dozens and dozens of bottles and refills of her favorite skin and personal care products piled on her table in front of her. She said, “Funny, because sometimes I forget and really I’m on high dosage, so sometimes kung anu-ano binili ko and then I realize, ‘Oh my god, lahat ito nabili ko?'”

Thus, she expressed that if there’s ‘drunk texting’ and ‘drunk calling’, there’s also ‘drunk buying’ in her case. And netizens where in shock as well over the result of her shopping spree when “drunk” with her medicines.


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