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Kanye West Says It Was God Who Spoke To Him To Run For Office

KANYE WEST – One of the most respected yet controversial names in music history said God spoke to him while he was having a shower.

Surely, there are key moments in history where chosen individuals were given divine apparitions. However, this may be the first incident where one heard his divine calling while in the shower.

According to Kanye West, it was way back in 2015 when God told the rapper to become the “leader of the free world. He added “it just hit me in the shower, and when I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself, and all this joy came over my body”.

Kanye Says God Spoke To Him During Shower Saying Run For President

As such, backed with his claims of divine support, West was confident that he’d be “100% winning in 2024”. Furthermore, the rapper said he was considering running as a Democrat instead of his self-established “Birthday Party”.

Along with this, West also described one of his platforms, include a project called “Plan A”. He said that he would make changes to foster care that would be similar to Disney World.

Meanwhile, when it comes to policy and decision making, West assured that he “never makes the wrong decision” when given “all the information”. He emphasized that’s what his skill set is.

However, upon West’s announcement of his candidacy, several of his close friends, peers, and colleagues weren’t too thrilled about the idea. Even Oprah Winfrey told West that “you don’t want to be president”.

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