PWD Man Creates Makeshift Bicycle for Son Amid Poverty

A PWD man who can’t afford to purchase a decent bike has decided to create a makeshift bicycle for his beloved son.

A Facebook user named Anton Mendoza Jr. has shared the photos of his son along with its make shift bicycle. His heartwarming gesture for his beloved earns praises and admiration from the social media users.

Anton wants to give his son a bicycle as a gift but due to poverty he can’t afford to buy one. He decided to use pieces of scrap wood to create an improvised bike to make his 3-year-old son happy.


Mendoza is a resident of Santa Maria in Laguna and his wife is working as a housemaid in Makati. He revealed that he suffered an accident three years ago, which make him unable to walk properly,

Due to his disability, the PWD man is currently jobless since most companies and employers refused to hire him. His current situation make it harder for them to survive and provide the needs of his family.

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Here is the full post:

“Di,mkbili ng bike ang
Bata gawa nlang,muna_c
Papa.Khoy,muna bike u
Masaya n u”

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