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Descriptions of the Greek Gods and Goddesses / The 12 Olympians

GREEK GODS AND GODESSES – Here are the twelve (12) gods and goddesses or the 12 Olympians.

One of the subjects discussed in college most especially to education students who are taking English as the major is the Greek mythology. This subject has a wide coverage and it is really necessary to meet the main characters – the 12 Greek gods and goddesses or also known as the 12 Olympians.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Zeus – He is the son of Cronus, the king of the Titans, who overthrew their father and became the chief of the Mt. Olympus. Zeus has the power to control the weather but women are his weakness.

Poseidon – He is the Greek god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes. He has unique children including Pegasus and Cyclops.

Hermes – He is the messenger of the gods in Odyssey. He is linked to luck, deception, and music.

Hera – The queen goddess of Mt. Olympus, Hera is both a sister and a wife of Zeus. She is known to cause suffering to the women linked to her husband and as well as the children born out of Zeus’ infidelity.

Hades – The god of the underworld or the god of the dead, Hades is the judge of the souls. He has an intense love for Persephone who stays with him for half of the year.

Dionysus – He is the son of Zeus to a mortal woman. He is linked to sacrificial animals that is why he is often associated to a bull.

Demeter – The goddess of agriculture, Demeter is the mother of Persephone who was taken by Hades to the underworld out of his intense love for her. For half of the year, Persephone is on the upper world with Demeter.

Apollo – He and his twin sister, Artemis, are children of Zeus. He is one of the gods who is greatly valued and feared of.

Ares – He is the Greek god who is close to the Spartans. He is also the half-sister of Athena and he is known for giving no importance to dogs and not being liked much by others.

Artemis – She is the Greek goddess of hunting that is why she is usually depicted with a hunting dog. She is also known as a protector of the world.

Athena – The goddess of wisdom, war, and reason came from the forehead of Zeus. She plays a huge part in the Odyssey as she helped Perseus, Odysseus, and Heracles.

Aphrodite – The goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite is a daughter of Uranus, the father of titan Cronus.

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