Cayetano Did Not Resign But Was Ousted – Romero

Lawmaker Says Cayetano Did Not Resign But Was Ousted

CAYETANO DID NOT RESIGN – According to a lawmaker, former House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano merely tried to portray that he went out on his own terms.

Recently, Cayetano “resigned” from the House Speakership. However, several law makers commented on how he could resign when he had already been ousted the day before.

Among these lawmakers was 1-Pacman party-list Representative Michael Romero. A day after 186 House Members voted for Lord Allan Velasco as House Speaker, Romero said:

I would like to refute this statement. 186 lawmakers elected Lord Allan Velasco as Speaker. He was ousted as Speaker of the House…

He did not resign. For what purpose? He was already ousted a day before. These are facts

Cayetano Did Not Resign But Was Ousted – Romero
Image from: Philippine Star

Previously, Cayetano refused to yield the position to Velasco. Instead, he boasted that he still had the majority votes from the House Members. As a result, President Rodrigo Duterte scheduled meetings with both Cayetano and Velasco to settle the gentleman’s agreement between them.

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Following his downfall from his post, Cayetano also apologized to the President. He said that he had no intention of disobeying Duterte’s orders and that the issues regarding the Speakership was “on him”.

Meanwhile, Romero called out Cayetano and emphasized that he “cannot lead with only 20 to 24 exclusive members of the group. According to an article from GMA, Romero said:

This is a lesson for leaders who want to be Speaker in the future. Hindi ito barkadahan. The House of Congress is the House of the People

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