How does social media help students in their studies? ANSWER

Essay On How Social Media Helps Students in their Studies

SOCIAL MEDIA – Here is an essay that answers how platforms like Facebook and Twitter help students in their studies.

Nowadays, the use of the social media platforms became rampant. Even kids as young as seven years old know how it works and, undeniably, these platforms are really helpful to the people.

Social Media
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The most popular platform is Facebook. It serves several purposes and communication is undeniably on top of it all. This platform has connected people who are miles away from each other.

Aside from its ability to connect people, it is also a source of entertainment. The platform is also a venue where people can express themselves and get involved with the society, get awareness over certain issues, and a lot more.

As for students, the social media brings the biggest benefit now more than ever. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, chat rooms and group pages became ways for students and teachers to connect to each other.

Another help of social media to students is that it is also a venue where they can get information that may be school-related. Let us take for example in social studies, news reports about the current happenings are posted on these platforms.

These platforms whether its Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform really bring a lot of benefits as long as we don’t get pass the beautiful goals – whether we are students or not. Let’s make the most of these platforms in a positively beneficial way for everyone.

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