Billy Crawford Shares Birthday Message For His ‘Everything’

Billy Crawford wrote this sweet birthday message for Coleen Garcia

Singer-host Billy Crawford shared his sweet birthday message for his “everything”, his wife Coleen Garcia.

Billy and Coleen have been together as a married couple for more than two years now. Amid the lockdown, they were happy to announce that they were having their first baby. More than a week ago, an adorable baby boy came into their lives.

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The couple named their son Amari and they are proud to share the cutest photos of their bundle of joy on social media. Aside from this celebration, Billy Crawford is also celebrating the life of his wife. In his recent Instagram post, he made a tribute post for the birthday of Coleen Garcia.

“Happy birthday #myeverything @coleen. Your life has been so colorful and time and time again you always shock the world!” he said. For him, his wife is the “toughest, strongest, smartest, beautiful, wonderful.”

Billy also took this opportunity to thank Coleen. “I praise God for you. I know you don’t care much about celebrating your birthday but you get to have the same birth month as our son and that is something super special,” the singer-host added.

He also told his wife to enjoy this day because this is a very special day for those who love and care for her. “I love you so so much. Happy, happy birthday my Queen!” Billy Crawford said.

Here is the post of the singer-host.

Fellow celebrities of the couple also greeted Coleen and shared their sweet messages for her such as Vhong Navarro, Vina Morales, Jhong Hilario, and Eruption.

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