Facebook Threatens To Stop Operating In Europe, Here’s Why

Here’s Reason Why Facebook Threatens To Leave Europe

FACEBOOK – Here’s the reason why the social media giant Facebook threatens to stop operating in Europe.

While the Chinese owned video-sharing app TikTok remains in the firing line due to concern that it allegedly shares data of Americans with the Chinese Government. The issue also highlighted rising global concerns over data authority.

In September, Facebook received a preliminary order from the European Union privacy regulator calling for it to suspend data transfers about the EU Fb users back to the United States. The order states that the officials in the EU are concerned about the networking site’s potential surveillance practices by the US Government. They want to limit it by controlling the flow of user Infos.

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Based on a report from Vice, Facebook will be forced to keep EU user data in their country and apply new restrictions. The process will be restrictive and expensive and complicated for the social media giant.

Facebook responded saying if the officials decided to implement such rules, they will be forced to stop operating Instagram and Facebook in entire Europe.

If the decision is confirmed, “it is not clear to [FB] how, in those circumstances, it could continue to provide the Facebook and Instagram services in the EU,” said FB Ireland’s head of data protection and associate general counsel said, Yvonne Cunnane.

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According to the report, IG and FB have more than 410 million users in Europe. They will lose access to these social media sites if the company will follow through with this threat.

Aside from losing market shares and money, it will also impact its response to data privacy measures.

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