Mulan 2020: Erik Matti Criticizes Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Movie

Erik Matti Says Live-Action “Mulan” Ruined His Memories of The Animated Classic

MULAN 2020 – Local filmmaker Erik Matti criticized Walt Disney Company’s live-action version of ‘Mulan.’

Walt Disney Company is one of the most popular film companies in the world. They released remarkable animated films throughout the years.

Disney has remade some of their movies into a live-action film. Their latest is the adventure film “Mulan.” The story is about a lady who disguised herself as a guy to take her father’s place in an effort to battle with their enemies.

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Disney released it on a streaming platform instead of cinemas. “Mulan” premiered exclusively on Disney+ on September 4.

Filipino filmmaker Erik Matti who apparently seen the much-awaited film shared his thoughts about it. He was disappointed by the live-action version of the movie.

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Erik Matti said Mulan 2020 ruined his memories of the animated classic. Even before the Disney classic was released, it is already bashed due to the non-existence of some characters and the timeless music from the animated film.

In a post on his Instagram account last September 7, the local filmmaker said the film was “overhyped” meaning it did not live up to his expectations.

“I’ve waited for a year to see #Mulan. I loved the trailer when it first came out. The animated version was a favorite. Watched the original one with my kids over and over again when they were growing up. I know every montage and plotpoint including all the memorable songs. Now, I’ve finally seen the highly anticipated overhyped live-action version,” he wrote.

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Erik Matti said the live-action remake of Mulan was a disappointment. He said it’s “boring, bland, and by the numbers.” While he did not like the film, he believes it would still earn a huge amount of money in China.

“What a disappointment! It feels old and backward than the animated version. Boring, bland, and by the numbers. They never got the soul of the original. I guess this is what happens when you only want to cash in on a franchise. A movie made by numbers people second-guessing what China would love to see…”

Lion King live action didn’t work as a musical. This Mulan didn’t work without the songs. Mulan live action is neutered with all the humor charm excitement and flamboyance gutted out. But what do I know? I’m sure the suits were right about this. It’ll make tons of money in China,” he said.

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Erik Matti said the live-action version of the movie ruined his memories of the animated classic. In a separate post, he shared a video of himself rewatching the animated version.

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