Lea Salonga on BTS: ‘I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole’

Lea Salonga talked about BTS

Internationally-acclaimed artist Lea Salonga shared her thoughts about South Korean pop group BTS.

The K-Pop culture has been recognized not just in Asia but in other parts of the globe as well. Filipinos are also hooked with this genre of music. Just recently, Lea also revealed that she is fangirling over BTS which delighted the ARMY.

Lea Salonga
Photo Source: Bandwagon Asia

In her recent write-up for her Inquirer column, the singer-actress said, “I’ve fallen into a BTS rabbit hole, and no, I don’t need saving.” Lea shared that some of her “tita” friends made her notice the K-Pop group. Her circle of friends has been sharing videos of BTS on Facebook and these caught her attention.

Lea Salonga also shared that she retweeted the 2018’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” performance of the group. However, what really made her say that she’s a fan was when she saw the video of BTS titled Dynamite which already has hundreds of millions of views.

Photo Source: Youtube

The said song is the group’s first single entirely in English and its music video is pleasing to the eyes with a theme of pastel colors. Lea Also said that the song Dynamite appeared to have surfaced at the right time that this is needed.

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“Maybe unintentionally, “Dynamite” is a response to everyone spewing hatred and bile in this terrible environment. BTS through this one song is lighting up the sky with positivity and love, comforting and cheering us on during this frightening time, and reminding us that there’s still beauty and goodness left in the world,” the Broadway star shared.

Here is a clip of her interview in which she talked about BTS.

Because of this, the name of Lea Salonga is on the top Twitter trend on Thursday and BTS fans can’t get over that someone like her also stan the K-Pop group.

What can you say about this?

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