Nadine Lustre Used To Sell Aroma Beads (a.k.a. Kisses) In School

Nadine Lustre Used To Sell Then-Trendy Kisses In School

NADINE LUSTRE – Just like most kids, actress, and singer Nadine Lustre thought kisses can multiply.

The little thing called ‘kisses’ is a small bead-like shaped thing 90s kids would usually store in a metal pencil case. Expert growers of these translucent plastic beads said you have to put it in two or threes in a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and baby powder to reproduce.

These little beads don’t really multiply. It just gives kids some kind of illusion. It just expands when it got contact with any liquid.

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Before becoming a famous celebrity, actress, and singer Nadine Lustre was just like any other Pinoy kid who was fooled about kisses’ true nature. A young Nadine back in grade school, she thought that these tiny beads could actually turn into a Pokemon. She also sold them to her classmates.

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One of her classmates with the Twitter handle @paolothehuman said he was “scammed” by Nadine. He recalled their grade school memories on Twitter.

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Nadine Lustre shared his post on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, September 2.

“Nadine Lustre was my classmate in elem. She sold me kisses, yung parang sago? She told me those grow, they would turn to actual pokemon. I still bought them because I was a pokemon fan. Nadine! Those kisses never turned to Blastoise!” he said.

Photo Source: @Nadine IG

Nadine Lustre’s former classmate also shared that he lost contact with her when they left their school. He noted that the actress “was a great friend growing up.”

“Would love to see her in person after so many years pero feeling ko malabo na yun. At malabo ko na sya masingil dun sa kisses hahaha,” he said.

Photo Source: @Nadine IG

Aside from sharing his Tweets, the 26-year-old actress emphasized – in her defense – that kids believe a lot of myths surrounding the colorful beads.

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