Wife Breaks Curfew, Face Heavy Fines to Follow Husband to Nightclub

Wife Breaks Curfew to Make Sure his Husband Stay Loyal While in the Nightclub

A doubtful wife breaks the curfew protocol and face charges just to follow her husband to a nightclub to make sure he is still loyal to her.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is still on the line and still giving threat of infection, restrictions are still not eased to ensure people are safer from the virus. However, stubborn residents still defy the protocols for various reasons.

Wife Breaks Curfew
Image Source: WOB

Meanwhile, a woman in Kuah, Langkawi in Malaysia was forced to break the curfew to follow her husband to the nightclub because she wants to ensure he would be faithful to her. The 40-year-old woman begged to the police who were conducting a raid at the said place.

The woman pleads to exempt from paying the RM1,000 ($240) fine because she’s just there to keep an eye on her husband. According to the woman, whose name is withheld for privacy reasons, her husband met a girlfriend at the nightclub some months ago.

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Wife Breaks Curfew
Image Source: WOB

According to the WOB, she doesn’t trust her husband after that incident. Though the couple had since reconciled and she had forgiven him, the wife is not so confident in letting him go there by himself.

The mother of four sons told the authorities that besides keeping an eye on her husband, she also wanted to “feel the aura” of the nightclub. “This is the third time I’m following him drinking during the MCO even though I don’t drink myself,” she said.

Unfortunately, the cops did not believe her reason as everyone at the nightclub has committed several violations. Customers were found not practicing social distancing and also not wearing masks, arguing that they can’t drink while using masks.

The couple had to pay a total of RM2,000 ($480) for the violation. Six of the arrested people were found positive for methamphetamine and marijuana. They were detained and compounded RM1,000 each.

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