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Gorgeous Model Gives Eye-Opener Message to Public

A gorgeous model posted her photo while working and told the public “Don’t expect me to look elegant as always”.

A Facebook user named Anghella QD Sta Maria has shared two photos of herself, one from her beauty pageant and the other one while working. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Anghella has shared a photo of herself wearing elegant clothes and another picture while carrying a water container. She told the public that she has bigger responsibilities than looking presentable in public at all times.

Gorgeous Model

The beautiful lady also admitted that she has been also bullied by her own friends and relatives but not taking it seriously. She also said that her priority is to feed her family and to give them a better life in the future.

The young student also urged the public to stop this stigma since she has imperfections but she had a big heart.

Gorgeous Model

Here is the full post:

The first picture is me and second one is also me. Don’t expect me to look elegant as always for I have bigger responsibilities more than being beautiful and well-presentable in public 🤷

I also get bullied of course (by my own relatives and friends) but HELLO PHILIPPINES!!! WAKE UP!!! My priority is to feed my family and to neglect my wants for now because first things first I need to suffer in order to help them and give them the better life that they deserve not just to fit in your ****** standards🤭🤦.

I have a lot of imperfections because I am only a human like you, a STUDENT like you waiting for the right time, for my perfect time. So what if I was born poor? at least I grew up properly with appropriate manners and I do have a big heart for everyone🙋🤗.

We should stop the stigma. So please start it within you 😘☺

Gorgeous Model Gorgeous Model

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

What can you say about this woman? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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