3-Year-Old Senior Citizen In PhilHealth Database – Tolentino

Lawmaker Questions PhilHealth Database Containing 3-Year-Old Senior Citizen

3-YEAR-OLD SENIOR CITIZEN – As the probe into the alleged anomalies within PhilHealth continues, new questionable information had been dug up by lawmakers.

Recently, the state-run insurance firm, PhilHealPhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales Reacts To Employee’s Corruption Allegationth has been in the middle of major controversies. This time, Senator Francis Tolentino flagged their database as “overbloated”.

3-Year-Old Senior Citizen In PhilHealth Database - Tolentino
Image from: PNA

Concerningly, he cited that there was a 3-year-old tagged as an active senior citizen within the database. According to an article from Inquirer, Tolentino stated:

There’s a PhilHealth classification of senior citizens below 60 years old. Papano naman po nangyari yung senior citizen ka below 60 years old?

Dito po sa figures na pinapakita ko, meron po ditong isang senior citizen na 18 years old. Meron po dito three years old, ginawa niyong senior citizen. Three years old lang,

Furthermore, the lawmaker cited that there were over 40,000 centenarians located in just one region. Along with this, 10,000 more centenarians were listed as members of PhilHealth.

As such, Tolentino asserted that it was high time that the firm should “cleanse” its database. Based on the article, he said:

Kailan matatapos yung pagke-cleanse ng records niyo, baka bumoto pa yung iba dito

Meanwhile, PhilHealth’s CEO Ricardo Morales said PhilHealth would be creating a position to address the issues on the database. However, he defended that PhilHealth has the biggest database in the country with over 109 million members.

Additionally, to address the issue, Morales said the firm would coordinate with the Philippine Statistics Authority and the Department of Social Welfare and Development to clean-up the database.

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