PhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales Reacts To Employee’s Corruption Allegation

PhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales Denies Corruption Allegation of Employee

PHILHEALTH CHIEF RICARDO MORALES – The President of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation reacted to the “widespread corruption” claim of a resigning employee.

In the Philippines, the medical insurance institution ran by the state is the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly called as PhilHealth. Most private and public employees are members of PhilHealth.

PhilHealth members pay a contribution monthly or every quarter. Every member has a set of beneficiaries which may include the member’s parents, spouse, and children.

Being a PhilHealth member is one excellent preparation for medical emergencies. It can help you ease the hospital bill depending on the package suited to your contribution.

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PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales
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However, recently, there is an allegation that there is a “widespread corruption” happening in PhilHealth. The claim was made by Atty. Thorrsson Montes Keith, the resigning Anti-Fraud officer.

To this, PhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales reacted and denied the corruption allegation made by his employee. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Morales said that Keith is “vengeful” because he refused him before.

The PhilHealth Chief said that Keith was assigned on “special concerns” and not on the handling of checks. According to the report, the employee also claimed that some of his other reasons for resigning include the alleged unjust promotion process and the delayed salary and hazard pay.

According to PhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales, Atty. Thorrsson Montes Keith is “not qualified” for the position he has applied for. He tagged the lawyer’s claims as his way of being “vengeful” due to the refusal.

Atty. Keith wanted his resignation to take effect on August 31 – which the PhilHealth Chief says will take a while. The latter wants to fast track the resignation of the Anti-Fraud officer as soon as Monday.

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