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John Had $500 Riddle – How To Answer The “Who Had The Most Money Riddle”

WHO HAD THE MOST? – In this article we are going to answer the “John has $500” riddle circulating in social media.

Amid the coronavirus quarantine, several riddles have circulated online. This time, a riddle that goes “John had $500 Anna has $400 and Peter had $700. Who has the most money?”.

The answer is simple, Anna has the most money. This is because even though John and Peter had more money than Anna, the keyword we’re looking for here is “had”.

JOHN HAD $500 Riddle - Answers And Explanation

Because John and Peter “had” money, it means that they already spent their money, thus the use of the past tense “had”. Meanwhile, the riddle stated that Anna “has” $400 dollars, meaning she still has money on her.

Furthermore, a lot of people get confused as the one asking the riddle usually asks this as a “mathematical” question. However, the fact is that you simply needed basic grammar to learn the answer.

So when asked riddles such as these, make sure to read the question thoroughly and understand what is being asked. Usually, Facebook riddles are stupid and shallow and if you’re hesitating because the answer you got was so simple, the chances are it probably is.

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