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Guide on How To Water Succulents For New Plant Growers

HOW TO WATER SUCCULENTS – Here are some tips on when and how often you must water your succulent plants.

Undeniably, succulents are fascinating a lot of people now. In fact, many individuals who are not really into plants also fell for succulents and started collecting these little living pieces.

Succulents are the kinds of plants that have the capacity to store enough water in their parts. Some store it in their leaves and stems while there are also those who keep them in their roots.

These little plants come in every different types. Usually, they are used as home decorations as they can really be stored indoor and you do not have to water them daily. In fact, you really MUST NOT water them daily.

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How To Water Succulents
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Almost all cacti are succulent plants. However, there are succulents that are not cacti. They can really grow even with just minimal care.

The most important key in growing these plants is knowing how to water succulents. This includes when you must water your plants and how often you must do it.

Most first time growers of succulent plants fail at growing them as they are not like the usual plants that need water and sunlight daily. Based on an article on Succulents and Sunshine, here are some tips:

How To Water Succulents?

Tip #1 – You must wait for the soil to completely dry out before watering your succulents again. You can do the watering every ten (10) to fourteen (14) days.

Tip #2 – When watering your succulents, it is best if you can prevent the leaves at the bottom from touching the water. You may look for ways for the water to directly hit the soil. Getting the leaves soaked in water may cause it to rot right away in just two to three days.

Tip #3 – Do not use spray in watering succulents. Spraying water constantly on these little plants will get them weak root systems.

Tip #4 – Use the “Soak and Dry Method” when watering based on the article. When it is time for you to water your succulent plants, pour enough water the all the soil will be soaked to it. Allow the soil to really be dry before watering again.

Tip #5 – Make sure your plant pot has holes. The succulent plants absorb and store a lot of water but the excess water must really have a way out or your plants will rot.

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