Boycott Bubble Gang Trends on Twitter Due To DJ Loonyo Parody

Fans of DJ Loonyo made “Boycott Bubble Gang” trends on Twitter

The hashtag “Boycott Bubble Gang” trended on Twitter on August 4 due to the show’s DJ Loonyo parody.

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For more than two decades, viewers have been entertained through different comic skits of the longest-running gag show in the Kapuso network. The show also does parody of various popular personalities in the Philippines and abroad.

However, the parody that the Bubble Gang boys did featuring online personality DJ Loonyo, who is also known as a popular Tiktokerist, did not sit well with his fans. They imitated the moves of the dancer/choreographer when he does his TikTok videos and the show used the name DJ Uloolnyo.

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Because of this, #BoycottBubbleGang became a Twitter trend on Tuesday. However, most of the tweets are from netizens who are defending the gag show. Many netizens called the fans of DJ Loonyo “butthurt”. Some pointed out that the show has been doing parodies for several years but no fandom got angry.

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A fan of the Kapuso gag show shared this clip on the micro-blogging site with the caption stating that there’s no way that they will support the “boycott”.

Some netizens also wondered why this hashtag topped the Twitter trend while some got shocked because of the reason behind it.

DJ Loonyo caught the attention of a big portion of the online community when daring actress/vlogger Ivana Alawi featured him in her “boyfriend prank” vlog.

The next instance that the dancer/choreographer was when he had his viral statement on COVID-19 mass testing.

His Magpakailanman feature also caught the attention of the online community for “his side of the story” and not taking the side of his ex-partner Aika Flores.

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