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What Is Benign? Definition And Usage Of This Term

WHAT IS BENIGN – In this topic, we will first know the definition of the term “benign” and how is this term used in sentences.



The Oxford Dictionary described this term as the following:

  • gentle; kindly
    • (of a climate or environment) mild and favorable.
    • not harmful to the environment.
  • a medicine term which means
    • (of a disease) not harmful in effect:
    • in particular, (of a tumor) not malignant

On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines this term as the following:

  • of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or life
    • especially not becoming cancerous
  • having no significant effect : harmless
  • of a gentle disposition : gracious
  • showing kindness and gentleness
    • favorable, wholesome

Synonyms and Antonyms

Here are the following synonyms and antonyms of this term:

  • Synonyms
    • kindly
    • kind
    • warmhearted
    • good-natured
    • friendly
    • temperate
    • mild
    • gentle
    • clement
    • calm
    • balmy
  • Antonyms
    • adverse
    • bad
    • baleful
    • baneful
    • damaging
    • dangerous
    • deleterious
    • detrimental
    • evil
    • harmful


The term is derived from the Old French benigne, which is derived from the Latin term benignus. The latter might have been derived from two words bene, which means “well“, and  genus , which means ‘-born’.


Here are some of the examples:

  • When the doctor said my tumor was benign, I was so happy
  • The eco-friendly company will only drill for oil in areas where its practices are benign.
  • Even though the company claims the energy drink is benign, you may experience some unwanted side effects after drinking the beverage.
  • Because the new tax laws were voted in at the last moment, we can assume their effects will not be nearly as benign as Congress suggests.

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