Haiku For Frontliners – Short Poems For Frontliners Amid Pandemic

Here Are Examples Of Haiku For Frontliners & Medical Workers

HAIKU FOR FRONTLINERS – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, millions of medical workers are risking their lives in the frontline to save countless others.

So, as a small token of gratitude for our brave heroes, here are examples of haikus for frontliners risking their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Haiku For Frontliners – Short Poems For Frontliners Amid Pandemic

When you need you most,
You where there no questions asked,
Taking risks for us,

Amid the panic,
During this harsh pandemic,
You are all heroes,

A Silent Killer,
Your protection relentless,
Saving all our lives,

A million more thanks,
Words could never be enough,
For the risks you take,

We’re six feet away,
While you’re six inches too close,
As you save a life,

Parents have worries,
Sons and daughters risking lives,
To save just one more,

Life keeps on going,
Yet you’re all on the knife’s edge,
fighting for us all,

In times of darkness,
You plant the seeds that bring light,
For futures to shine,

Seasons Of COVID,
Millions fall like leaves on trees,
You, keeping us safe,

No amount of thanks could ever be enough for the risks our frontliners take during this pandemic. But, one of the biggest contributions we could do is remain home, stay safe, and keep our distance to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

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