Pinoy YouTube Vloggers Jai & Aga a.k.a Jaiga: This Is Their Love Story

Here’s the love story of Pinoy YouTube vloggers Jai & Aga a.k.a Jaiga.

PINOY YOUTUBE VLOGGERS – From a blind date to becoming YouTube’s well-loved real-life couple, here’s the story of JaiGa.

Being trending and viral just recently over the grand surprise for their anniversary are vloggers Jai Asuncion and Agassi Ching. They are a couple in real life to which their story has started from merely a blind date. Accordingly, even before the blind date set up by their vlogger friend Bont Oropel, they already know each other.

The video of their blind date already gathered over 3 million views. Their blind date, in another vlog, turned to real ones until they become so fund of each other and their chemistry caught the attention of a lot of people. Until such time Aga announced in one of his vlogs that he’s pursuing her for real.

Their love story was actually documented in their vlogs where they share their dates, their travels, challenges, pranks, and among others. Truly, a lot of people have witnessed how they grew together as a couple.

Among their trending videos are those that has hold significant roles in their relationship such as the day Jai said “Yes” to him, their first Valentines as a couple, and their anniversary which they uploaded just recently. The anniversary video has already earned over 2 million views in roughly two days.

It was a grand surprise that many people loved and something that many girls dreamed to also happen to them. And since then, Aga became an icon of an “ideal man”. The certain video below filled many hearts and people believed girls deserved to be treated how Aga treats Jai.

Watch it below:


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