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Here Are The Steps To Becoming A Professional Blogger

HOW TO – Since the trend of YouTube vloggers, a lot of people has aspired to hop into the vlogging scene and start their own vlogs.

Photo taken from Engage Live

A lot of popular YouTubers started off their careers by vlogging. Vlogs are basically shared experiences in a medium which in this case, is in video format. It could be about any topic that the vlogger would choose and preferrably, it should be interesting or entertaining.

Check out this vlog from one of the most succesful Filipina YouTubers.

If you’re one of the viewers who got inspired to do vlogs or someone who just felt the call to start your own vlog, it could be a difficult step to take since you would have to go through many steps to establish a name or brand.

So, to help out, here are some tips on how to start vlogging:


To create content with good quality, you must also invest a little bit for a good quality camera. As we know, most YouTubers do their vlogs with HD Cameras. So, in order to level with their content as a beginner, it would be nice approach to start with a decent camera.


To start gaining some views and establishing an audience, you must look for a platform where you can share you work. The most common choice is YouTube. You can immediately start vlogging and create an account on YouTube where people get to see your work for free.


Vlogs should be entertaining. But what most people miss out on is, sincerity of emotions when doing vlogs. Most beginners plan out their vlogs way too much that the emotions no longer look natural. So relax and just be original. Also, things to consider: good lighting and audio quality, interactivity, and come up with a catchy opening and closing phrase.


Learn editing. There are already tons of free tutorials on how to edit videos online. You could start there or attend a workshop or get a course in video editing. But you really need to know how to edit your videos to make them more appealing. (Or you could hire an editor)


After you’re done ‘making the vlog’, it is now time for you to put up your work on YouTube (or any platform you like) and promote your work to get more people to watch.

Tip: Social Media is a great platform for promotion. Utilize networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

These are based on an article from VloggingPro.

That is all there is to it, we wish the best for you and your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber.

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