Sam Milby-Catriona Gray Relationship: John Prats is ‘Dakilang Konsintidor’?

What’s John Prats’ role in Sam Milby-Catriona Gray relationship?

Actor-director John Prats was tagged “dakilang konsintidor” due to the relationship of fellow celebrities Sam Milby and Catriona Gray that went controversial.

The relationship confirmation of Sam and Catriona was indeed a happy moment for their fans and friends in the entertainment industry who expressed that the couple is finally free to share their love story to the public.

sam milby catriona gray
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However, their relationship, that has been rumored happening since January of 2019, went controversial when Clint Bondad, the ex-boyfriend of Catriona, has been posting intriguing Instagram Stories.

With this, the Miss Universe 2018 is being accused of lying and cheating on her ex-boyfriend while others speculated once again about the gender preference of the Kapamilya actor.

Despite these allegations against the new couple, fans are defending them against criticisms. Even the mother of Catriona, Mita Gray sent a message to an Instagram account that appeared to be exposing the beauty queen’s “negative side”.

john prats
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Nevertheless, the friends of the couple are supportive of their relationship. One of the celebrities who expressed happiness for Sam Milby and Catriona Gray was John Prats. In his Instagram post dated May 23, the actor-director shared a photo showing that he was holding Sam’s hand whose other hand was holding the hand of Catriona.

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Apparently, this was taken before the lockdown happened as they appeared to be at a party.

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Basing on the dotted dress that Catriona was wearing, this was probably taken in February.

It appeared that relationship revelation of Catriona and Sam made John so happy. However, the latter received bashing following the unclear “revelations” of Clint and he was even called “dakilang konsintidor”.

Sam Milby Catriona Gray
sam milby catriona gray

Some speculated that they started seeing each other before the Miss Universe pageant in December of 2018.

What can you say about this?

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